UFO Or Meteor

UFO Or Meteor

UFO Or Meteor

UFO Or Meteor

A dazzling light recorded by way of a police dashboard video camera, and observed in Texas, portions of Oklahoma and Kansas has folks wanting to know; are aliens real. The brilliant light was initially witnessed about eight o’clock yesterday evening. It was described as being glowing greenish blue in coloration as well as circular in physical appearance.

The Police Department was overloaded with telephone calls shortly afterwards; people thought it was an airplane on fire or perhaps a UFO. From a technical perspective, it absolutely was a UFO due to the fact that UFO means an unidentified flying object.

Fortunately there have been absolutely no reports of damage because of the flying object. According to the FAA, since it was observed by a great number of individuals across many miles make it most likely to be a meteor or some form of space junk; however it’s mainly considered to be a meteor.

In accordance with a report unveiled in Sept by NASA, the quantity of space junk orbiting the planet has reached a critical point. Since Sputnik one was launched, humanity has littered space copiously with estimates of tens of millions of floating debris.

The debris is made up of aged rockets, satellites, and various other shrapnel traveling at speeds as much as 22,000 miles per hour. Of close there exists a modest group of UFO hunters and conspiracists who believe that this is a UFO and is just being covered up as always by the govt.

The sighting transpired on the 9th anniversary of the space shuttle Columbia falling to earth over east Texas.

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