Tall Whites

Tall Whites

Tall Whites

Tall Whites

Airman First Class Charles Hall claims to have observed and communicated with a species of extraterrestrials/aliens he named the ‘tall whites’ due to their appearance while serving at Nellis Airforce Base as a duty weather observer from 1965-67.

The tall whites are humanoid in appearance and are able to intermingle with human beings in disguise.

Typically tall whites are described as being thin and frail in body mass and have chalk like white skin. Since their bones are frail they have a tendency to shuffle along when they walk and not utilize a full stride. Their eyes are about twice the size of humans and are positioned further apart, more towards the sides of their heads. Their eye colors range from blue to pink depending on their age with white pupils, as they get older their eyes become pinker. They have greatly enhanced hearing and vision abilities. The ears, lips and nose are about half the size of humans and they have no teeth as their are herbivores.

There is no body hair except for the head; the hair is very thin, much thinner than human hair. The hair is nearly transparent and is a platinum blonde in appearance. Their hands are human like but only have four fingers and small claw like appendages for fingertips. In adulthood tall whites range in height from 6 to 9 feet depending on age as they grow much more in later years. According to Charles they can live up to 800 years, they undergo a second stage of growth at 400 years and it continues until the age of 700.

Their brains can process information 3 1/2 times faster than humans resulting in quicker reflexes, higher level of intelligence and performance. The tall whites communicate amongst themselves utilizing some type of ultrasound which humans are not able to hear and when it was audible it sounded like a dog barking or various other animals.  However they are able to learn to mimic human speech and participate in normal conversations when they desire. They are also said to possess a device which functions as a language translator of sorts and Charles has stated he was able to overhear conversations between them as though they were speaking English.

They are described as being nice but can get angry very quickly and they are not too fond of humans and human contact. Charles stated that it’s not that they hate humans but are very cautious and very protective of their children and their family structure.  In fact, the tall whites are so protective of their children if you were to touch one of them without permission you could possibly be killed by one of its parents. The tall whites culture seemed almost military like: great significance and respect is given to social positions and hierarchies.

However apparently they have a dry sense of humor and also like to have fun when they can. According to Charles the Tall Whites enjoyed putting on a disguise including sunglasses to hang out at the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas while being intensely safeguarded by their own personal guards as well as human CIA staff, filling in for Casino staff.

  • The Tall White’s craft is according to Charles, faster than light.
  • The Tall Whites don’t particularly want human contact.
  • When injured, the Tall whites take about 10 times longer to heal wounds than humans do.

2 thoughts on “Tall Whites

  1. I have seen his videos and read a couple of his interviews and it just doesn’t all add up to me. I believe Charles witnessed something, but the question is how much of it is true.

  2. same here. It doesn’t add up indeed. According to him:
    1. They kill all animals on their planet(s) because they don’t eat them. ???
    2. Humans are like animals to them. (uuhm…)
    3. They have white pupils. ???
    4. We love our children more than you do yours. ???
    So in summary, they have no respect for other lifeforms.

    I mean this guy clearly has no clue about life whatsoever, and it fits with him telling lies. He doesn’t understand that animals have a specific function, and without animals there’s no life on a planet.
    So he says these aliens kill all animals on their planet, because he simply doesn’t know that’s impossible.
    And white pupils? Another thing he doesn’t know. Any iris would appear black because the retina absorbs the light. If white, it means it reflects the light, meaning it doesn’t absorb/transfer images and therefor these aliens would be blind. Simple physics right?

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