UFO Fragment Found In Serbia

UFO Fragment Found In Ser

Local residents of remote village in Siberia believe that they have discovered a massive chunk of a possibly crashed UFO, which has fallen from the sky. The UFO fragment is reported to be about 400 pounds, made from titanium, not radioactive and cylindrical in appearance.

The purported UFO fragment was discovered by village locals and dragged to their village before was confiscated by the Russian space agency soon afterwards.

According to the Russian space agency, the metal debris is not related to any space technology. Nick Johnson, head of NASA’s orbital debris office has said the object is almost certainly not related to a spacecraft.


  • UFO Fragment Found In SerbiaGiant UFO Fragment Found In SerbiaA large chunk of a UFO has been discovered near a remote village in Siberia. Well, at least that’s what some people believe.
    Local residents discovered a large chunk of metal about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle. They believe that the metal piece fell from the sky but officials at the Russian space agency said that the object “is not related to…