Alien Abductions

There is a lot of debate around the world regarding whether or not aliens from other planets exist. However, the truth is that there are a lot of people who have allegedly experienced alien abductions at various points in their lives, and some of these people’s stories are remarkably consistent.

It seems as though there are some common patterns that occur in people who experience an alien abduction at some point in their life, and these experiences and testimonials seem to suggest that alien beings really do exist and that some of us have seen this first hand.

Alien AbductionsOne of the first things that people who have experienced an alien abduction claim is that they were abducted in their sleep and awaken to see a very bright luminous light. In many cases, when they stare into the light above them, they are essentially levitated by it right through walls and taken into a large spacecraft of some kind. However, some individuals who have been abducted by aliens do not see the light, but more so wake up from their sleep in an unfamiliar place. However, almost always, these abductions happen at night, either when the person is sleeping or awake and alone in a desolate area.

Another consistent thing that a lot of people talk about after they have been abducted by aliens is the way the aliens look. For the most part, it is reported that they have very large heads with smaller bodies, and that their eyes are dark and huge. The color of the skin reported by people varies greatly, as do some more specific descriptions of the extraterrestrials themselves. It is assumed there are different “races” of alien beings, just like human beings. However, we see consistency in the general look and build of the alien life forms based on what people have reported from their abductions.

Perhaps one of the most consistent things that have been reported from people who have experienced an alien abduction, however, is the probing and testing that goes on once they are abducted. It seems as though these aliens are curious to find out more about the human body an anatomy. Some people have reported being hooked up to strange machines and others have even claimed to have had blood drawn and to have been probed by the aliens with different instruments and tools. Particularly, the aliens seem to be most interested in the brains of humans and the reproductive system as well.

Finally, there are also some general consistencies with the return journey back home after an alien abduction. Most of the time, humans are brought back to the same place where they were originally abducted. However, sometimes the positioning and placement are slightly off. Almost all people who have been abducted will realize what happened once they wake up and notice that they have missed out on a significant period of time.

Overall, these are the general characteristics of reported alien abductions. And with all of these consistencies, more and more people in the general public find it hard to deny the existence of these extraterrestrial life forms in our own universe.

  • Reports of alien beings entering bedrooms through walls before being abducted.
  • For skeptics, mass media, and the general public it is hard to believe that abductions by alien beings have their basis in reality.
  • Alien abductions, are also referred to as “close encounters of the fourth kind”
  • The Betty and Barney Hill Case is one of the most renowned alien abduction cases.
  • Some abductees have claimed to have some sort of tracking device implanted within their body upon return.