Real UFOs

Real UFOs

Real UFOs

Real UFOs

The question of whether alien existence can be proven has been hotly debated for several decades, particularly since the introduction of picture taking equipment, Analog photography and now Digital photography, which purportedly provide evidence that UFOs/extra-terrestrials do exist.

Non-believers counter that pictures and videos can be doctored/hoaxed to appear genuine and cannot be relied upon for the truth. So, are UFOs real? Are Aliens real?

Fact: the universe is so vast that even today no scientist can claim true knowledge of its limits and can only hypothesize! Therefore, how can we be so egotistical to think that we are the only living beings with intellect to exist in the universe? Humans only know of three dimensions, but for years, astronomers and physicists have advanced the notion that more dimensions may exist in space, dimensions that are unimaginable and unfathomable to our present understanding of science.

Even with the limited technology that we have today; we have managed to travel far enough into the universe to observe from up close planets we only knew about before but never have seen. What if, within the distance we have managed to travel to so far, smaller planets exist that can sustain life in a different dimension than the ones we are familiar with, and therefore ignored from observation by scientists?

Probably the most widely known instance of the existence of UFOs is what happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Major Jesse Marcel was the intelligence officer who brought the debris from the supposed UFO wreckage to the Roswell Army air base and until his death in 1986 still insisted that the debris were made of materials not found on earth

Since then, hundreds of UFO sightings have been reported, along with stories of alien encounters and abductions. Various totally unrelated abductees from different regions mentioned the fact that “things” were implanted into their bodies, and several surgeons have indicated that they had removed such implants, believed to be some form of communication devices.

Some of the more recent UFO sightings:

  • South of France: three separate videos of a possible UFO in 2007
  • Stephenville, Texas: 20 witness accounts in 2008
  • United Kingdom and Wales: a police helicopter had a near collision with an UFO in military airspace, followed by scattered video accounts in 2008
  • O’Hare Airport, Chicago: UFO sighting witnessed by pilots, airplane crew, passengers and 12 airport employees on the ground in 2006. A daylight sighting occurred again in 2007 at this airport

Of course, it is common knowledge to UFO advocates that the Great Pyramid, the Nazca lines and even the Stone Hedges could only have had some sort of alien influence due to the simple fact that the technology required was nonexistent at the time. Paintings show that the skull of Nefertiti the Goddess from Egypt was unusually elongated, and strangely elongated skulls have been found in Egyptian ancient ruins that date back thousands of years. Hard evidence; to alien supporters it’s one link in a long chain of evidence in the validation of an extraterrestrial presence.

The well-known Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI) of Mountain View, California has predicted in 2010 that we will have actual and irrefutable proof of alien existence in approximately 25 years. Will the scientists at this prestigious institute finally give us the definite answer to the question: are there real UFOs?

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