Nordic Aliens

Nordic Aliens

Nordic Aliens

Nordic Aliens

The Nordic aliens (Nords) also called Aryan aliens are said to be by contactees (also known as experiencers) to be a group of humanoid aliens which appear European in physical appearance.

They are so named because they are said to bear a striking resemblance to Nordic, Scandinavian, and Aryan racial images. Nordic aliens are said to be particularly human-like in appearance especially compared to other purported alien species.

Nords are commonly described as being between 6 to 8 feet tall, attractive with long blonde or white hair, although other colors have also been reported. According to contactees they have striking deep blue eyes; however they have been reported to have on occasion red, pink, yellow, green eyes and in some cases the large slanted deep black eyes reminiscent of the grays.

They are normally reported to be male and said to range from fair colored to tan in complexion, perfectly symmetric faces and having very pale lips. Typically younger Nordic aliens will wear skin tight outfits, while the older ones will wear long robes. Women and children are seldom seen.

Contactees have described Nordic aliens as being kind, caring and even “magical” angel like beings. They claim to just want to observe and not interfere in our evolution, converse with human beings and are very concerned about the planets environment and world harmony.

Nords communicate telepathically and are said to be friendly, enlightening, affectionate and all-knowing. It is said that this race of aliens is the most benevolent towards human beings and bestow a feeling of affection and companionship with contactees around the world.

Throughout the 1950s, a significant number of contactees, in particular those in Europe, reported beings fitting this description. Such claims became relatively less frequent in subsequent decades, as the grey alien superceded the Nordic in most accounts of extraterrestrial encounters, but Nordic aliens continue to be occasionally reported.

A number of contactees claim that the Nordics have cautioned them about the greys, but other contactees point out that they have observed Nordics within the same craft as the greys. In such accounts, the Nordics are typically viewed as leaders, with the greys as their underlings.

Aliases: Nords, Swedes, Pleiadeans, Errans, Space Brothers, Blonds, Wingmakers, Venusians

  • Contactees who claimed to interact with Nords include George Adamski, Howard Menger, and Billy Meier.
  • UFO mythology alleges that in 1953, Nordic aliens landed at Homestead Air Force Base to warn mankind of the Greys and Reptoids.

One thought on “Nordic Aliens

  1. The Greenland colonist ( primarily Norse cir. 1000 A.D. ) worked in harmony with the much smaller Eskimos of the region, living and hunting together until their disappearance ~ 1540 A.D. many ships logs that traded with the Greenland colonists recorded this unusual relationship between the Norse and Eskimo……… hmmmmmm…….. you don’t think that ….just perhaps the colonist gave a middle finger to the known world and took their Eskimo friends to hide in more secluded parts of the world where they could be safe from the attacks and threats of Norway and England whom wanted them to go back to the religious faith they abandoned ?? Its rather interesting that in the 1900′s when thirst minors travel up the Nahanni river
    there skeletons are later found beheaded , and the native Indians of the area
    state that their fathers warned them NOT to go up this river because violent tall men led by a women of European blood lived at the headwaters
    of the Nahanni River,… couldn’t be the missing Norse of 1540 A.D. could it..
    Nahhhh…. we’d rather believe in aliens whom travel in worm holes – time travel and shapeshift from Grey’s to Nordic appearance …

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