Do Aliens Really Exist

Do Aliens Really Exist

Do Aliens Really Exist

Do Aliens Really Exist

For the mainstream scientific community, perhaps nothing short of a dead alien sitting on a slab in a morgue that can be dissected and sampled for extraterrestrial DNA would constitute absolute proof that such extraterrestrials truly exist.

Or maybe it would take a UFO crash landing in Times Square where millions of people and TV cameras could get a first-hand eyeful of the event — but even then the hardcore skeptics might not consider it alien proof.

But the truth is the evidence we have right now of the existence of alien life would be more than enough to hang a man if presented in a court of law. Yes, the evidence may be circumstantial, but when you take the aggregate of all of it, the case is overwhelming: Extraterrestrials are not only real, but they’re here. And not all the evidence is circumstantial, as you will soon see.

One can start with the growing body of indisputable video evidence. Among of the most astounding cases in point are the 2008 sightings of giant UFOs over Stephenville, Texas. Not only did hundreds of people witness these enormous airborne objects, but a number of people were able to capture them on video and still photos, and none of these captured images have been determined to be fakes by experts.

The Stephenville UFOs were an uncanny repeat of a huge wave of similar sightings in New York in the 1980s. The Hudson Valley sightings, as they are now known, involved mass sightings of “giant triangular UFOs” by literally thousands of people, many who also captured photos and video, and all of which have never been attributed to natural or man-made phenomenon.

Another tier in the foundation of evidence for alien life is actual physical objects placed inside the bodies of people who report being abducted by aliens. Such artifacts exist, and they have been subjected to an exhaustive battery of tests. One of the most prominent researchers in this field is Dr. Roger Leir who has removed dozens of such objects from people who have reported abduction events, and who say the aliens “implanted” something in them.

In one case, Dr. Leir tested a tiny object removed from the toe of a nurse. The item underwent a variety of tests, including field emission tests under an electron-scanning microscope at the University of Toronto. The conclusion was that the object was of an “unknown” composition, and perhaps was akin to a “meteorite” – although unlike any known meteorite sample recovered by scientists.

So we have eyewitness reports, video footage, and actual physical objects – but all of this is only a small part of the sum total of the gigantic and growing body of evidence that aliens and extraterrestrials are not only here, but they are messing around with human beings and our society.

One could name any one of a dozen other area of alien activity, none of which have ever come close to being explained away conclusively – cattle mutilations; radiation, burn marks and impressions left in the ground at UFO landing sites; bizarre, contradictory statements by the military and other government officials, and more. The list is a long one. Need alien proof? There’s already a mountain of it, and more is being added every day.

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