Do Aliens Exist

Do Aliens Exist

Do Aliens Exist

Do Aliens Exist

All throughout history, mankind has asked the age-old question, “Do aliens exist?” Annually, thousands upon thousands either report that they have personally observed a UFO, or believe that they have seen a UFO, but fail to report due to the fact that they believe that they will experience personal ridicule.

While it is true that most individuals are quick to answer “Yes” to the question “Do aliens exist?” there are still quite a few people that are hesitant to believe that there is life on other planets, apart from Earth. We are all waiting on confirmation from reputable sources, such as the Government or the organization known as NASA that aliens exist. However, despite the fact that this confirmation has yet to occur, many believe that aliens do, in fact, exist.

In the early part of the 1960s, a man named Frank Drake developed an equation which is now known as the “Drake Equation”. The purpose of the equation was to calculate the possibility that extraterrestrial life does, in fact, exist. Based on his calculations, he estimated that there are anywhere from one hundred thousand to one million different civilizations in our galaxy that are extraterrestrial in nature. This theory was strongly based on the fact that water – which is a strong source of life on our planet – has been identified in other regions of the galaxy. Water has been discovered in the atmospheres of various planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. Furthermore, investigations on the planet Mars have concluded that, at one time, the planet appeared to have a warm and moist climate.

Based on the evidence acquired through scientific research and personal observations, many believe that if aliens do, in fact, exist, that they lack a willingness to cooperate with people on Earth that are attempting to discover more about them. In some instances, investigators believe that the beings are exceptionally deliberate in keeping the nature of their being and their activities secret from the human civilization. However, despite this seemingly secretive nature, there are many types of evidence that points to their existence. Examples of the evidence includes photographs, experiences by people that have left them baffled as well as instrumental based readings that have seemingly picked up on and recorded flights by unidentified flying objects.

Many researchers believe that the exceptionally large stone based edifices that are on Earth assist in validating the proof of aliens. Examples of these edifices include the Great Pyramid, the Easter Island Statutes as well as the Nazca Lines that are present in Peru. In addition to these types of figures, we have often observed pictures of people and actual skulls that seem to be elongated in nature.

In Ancient Egypt, for example, there are engravings of individuals with unusually shaped bodies facing what appears to be a large shaped object in the sky with lines emitting down. In addition to this, many airplanes and other types of aircraft have reported seeing unidentified flying objects while in the air. Do aliens exist? This is a question that has pondered man all throughout history. However, the evidence seems to support the fact that there is something unusual in our atmosphere and beyond. While it is true that the evidence has not officially confirmed the reality of aliens, it is also true that, for many, there is enough proof that aliens do exist.

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