Are Aliens Real

Are Aliens Real

Are Aliens Real

Are Aliens Real

The question “Are Aliens real?” has been on the minds of mankind throughout history. Most of the old religions and cultures around the world were convinced that there were hundreds or even thousands of other worlds inhabited with people like us.

Many early astronomers also believed that people must inhabit other planets and solar systems, and many of the writers of the 19th century exploited the belief in aliens of the people around them. H.G. Wells is one of the most famous writers of the 20th century, and his science fiction novels like War of the Worlds has captured the minds of thousands.

Alien sightings have been reported since the early 20th century, with Roswell being one of the main sites of “alien sightings”. While many believe that the alien sightings in the region are simply hype, there are many more who believe that aliens were actually seen in that region of the country. After all, what better place to land than a desert that resembles the landscape of a barren and dry alien country, or at least so say many people who live in the area and are convinced that the alien sightings were real.

But, are aliens real? Could it be that a race of strange, tentacle or arthropod creatures could live on a planet somewhere out in the galaxy? Could all of the sightings, depictions, visualizations, and photos of aliens be a hoax? How could so many people be wrong about the same thing? Why is it that ghosts and spirits can be real but not aliens?

Are Aliens Real: Two Sides

Many of the people who believe in aliens are those who also believe in the paranormal, and the majority of those who scoff at the notion of aliens being real are those who have no conception of anything beyond their understanding. Many scholars and scientists have stated that a spiritual world truly could exist, simply on a dimension beyond what our physical eyes can see. If spiritual beings can be real, are aliens real or is it so impossible to believe that they could be?

In reality, there is little that most scientists can tell you regarding the possibility of life on other planets, though many astronomers and astrophysicists heartily embrace the notion that alien life could really exist on other planets. While it may be a leap to think that aliens would come to visit Earth, there is nothing to indicate that life definitely cannot exist on other planets.

Are Aliens Real: Supporting Facts

One of the main things that support the hypothesis that aliens could exist is the fact that animals exist in some of the most extreme temperatures and locations in the world. There are marine creatures in the depth of the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the oceans. There are creatures that can live in the scorching heat of the Sahara or the bitter cold of Antarctica. If creatures can exist in these extreme temperatures, why is it so impossible to believe that aliens could also survive in other extreme temperatures?

Are Aliens Real: Will We Ever Know?

In the end, there really is no way to ever know if aliens really do exist or not, at least until humankind develops space travel or there is a public and live broadcast of an alien. The possibility of aliens existing is real, but there is no way to know if the many images, photos, and depictions of aliens are real or hoaxes. No one in their right mind can truly say without a doubt that aliens do not exist, but the question of “Are aliens real?” has yet to be solved.

23 thoughts on “Are Aliens Real

  1. Scientists have been trying for years to discover aliens or UFOs; but they have been able yet to trace one. I think the aliens live many light years away.

  2. There are many myth about aliens’ and UFOs’. Although it is a great mystery. You may believe or not but there really are Aliens!

  3. Aliens do exist, is the real question? If do that would a great surprise. yes many of us believe Aliens are real. we are waiting someday someone prove the real truth.

  4. It is hard to believe earth is the only planet with life. I think most people believe aliens are real but when will we find out that they really do exist.? With technology improving all the time i guess sooner or later we will know we are not alone.

  5. I think aliens are real. Saw some videos on youtube that America has an alien on hand at their secret base. It is were we had an ideal image of alien/what alien looks like.



  7. Aliens is such a fascinating subject. I just finished watching 15 episodes of “ANCIENT ALIENS” by HISTORY channel on NETFLIX. You can also watch it in parts on youtube. ALIENS are no longer just myth or folklore. Not just sightings or pictures –even the VATICAN acknowledges. They already have an observatory and doing research and study. There are so many markers, structures, evidence etc here on planet earth that points to their existence. Just hope they are friendly. Before debate starts i suggest watching the 15 episodes and decide for yourself. Very compelling!

  8. Are Aliens real? Well most likely yes, most people who say they aren’t are ignorant or scared. Many of the photos are REAL they are just denied by the goverment who are trying not to alarm the people. But they are being stupid, if the aliens didn’t have to be so hidden then we would be so much more technologically advanced. Infact there are planets that possibly have an alien species living on them in the outer branches of the milky way. One such planet called Alpha Centuri home planet of the grays, resembling couruscant from star wars. If you go to New York’s natural Museum of natural history and space, you can see that name on a small pillar near the entrance (Unless they took it off or moved it).

  9. aliens are not real there is no real proof and all the tv shows are fake.THERES NO SUCH THING AS ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I just finished an episode about aliens on history channel stating they found alien corpses. It also stated they found a living alien but “accidently” killed it. So yes i do believe alien are real

    • Exactly they even show shows about it. There’s just so much info and some of it has to be right. Even all of it could be true but we just don’t know. But we make a strong prediction that all of this info we have some of it must be right. They all can’t be wrong. That info that I’d right can change the whole world, even their’s.

  11. Honestly, some astronauts said they are here they visited, and they usually don’t lie. I know that they lied about the world ending in 2012, but they haven’t lied like that anymore. Before in like B.C. times everybody was an alien. They used to fly around and do all this magic stuff. They are still here, just like he said animals live in harsh places why can’t aliens. They are still around just in different places. They could have stayed here but they invented technology and have moved. That’s why I believe everything in this story nobody can always be wrong about just one thing. One person is right even more than 1. Those people can just change the world and change our minds.

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