Ancient Alien Theory

Ancient Alien Theory

Ancient Alien Theory

Ancient Alien Theory

Many individuals that specialize in researching the possibility of extraterrestrials are starting to pay attention to the popular ancient alien theory as originally presented by the Swiss author named Erich Von Daniken in his book called “Chariots of the Gods?” in the year of 1968.

This writer included his hypothesis, which states that he strongly believed that travelers (extraterrestrials) from other locations in the universe visited our planets many thousands of years ago.

While visiting us, he believes, they focused on teaching the human life forms important aspects of technology and science. He also believes that the alien life forms played a large role in influencing the earliest religions of the world. His conclusions were so influential that, today, he is considered to be the “Father” of the ancient alien theory. Many individuals refer to this as the “Ancient Astronaut Theory”. In this guide on the unexplained, you will learn many important facts about the popular ancient alien theory.

Today, we all have the ability to learn about the ancient alien theory. On the History Channel, there is a show that presents ideas and concepts to interested viewers that is called “Ancient Aliens”. The man that is known as the editor of the popular publication called “Legendary Times”, Giorgio Tsoukalos, is the main concept developer of the program.

This individual prides himself as being the United States Representative of Erich Von Daniken. While Daniken is the most popular individual to present the ancient alien theory, it has been established that a man by the name of W. Raymond Drake was researching and creating documentation on the ancient alien theory long before the publication of “Chariots of the Gods?” He specialized in researching historical documents to establish evidence that aliens did, in fact, play a role in our history.

The ancient alien theory establishes the fact that aliens played a role in our history by two means. First, it has been determined that there are many religious based texts from ancient history document accounts where people witnessed what appeared to be beings from the sky and unusual crafts.

In addition to this, there are several accounts that indicate that the individuals living in ancient times actually interacted with gods and other unusual beings that emerged from the sky. These documents provide information that establishes that the beings possessed extraordinary powers. The second means of validating the ancient alien theory is through the physical oddities that are present from ancient times. Examples of these include various types of artwork, as well as architectural specimens such as the Easter Island Statutes, the Pyramids and Stonehenge.

Individuals that specialize in the ancient alien theory strongly believe that by looking at our possible past encounters with extraterrestrials that we have the capability of understanding our future. In addition to this, they believe that aliens are still tracking the human society and even continue to visit us, though it is not as evident as it was once. These theorists believe that it is possible that the aliens played a large role in our knowledge of engineering, space, electronics, architecture and more. In some instances, the individuals believe that extraterrestrials associated with the ancient alien theory will return. Whether or not the return will be friendly or hostile is yet to be determined.

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