Alien Facts

Alien Facts

Alien Facts

Alien Facts

Many individuals are captivated and engrossed in learning about extraterrestrials. The proof that Unidentified Flying Objects, or “UFOs” as they are commonly called, exist is undeniable. Each year, thousands of individuals worldwide report seeing strange objects in the sky.

Many of these objects have characteristics that are not common to the aircraft that we are familiar with. Examples include unusual lighting systems, strange geometric shapes and the ability to perform maneuvers that are considered to be impossible to perform by the aircraft that we are all familiar with here on earth.

In most instances, government agencies deny the existence of extraterrestrial life and make attempts to rationalize what witnesses have observed. However, for those that have seen these strange and unusual events, there is no doubt that we are not alone in the universe. Throughout this guide, you will be introduced to several alien facts that have been established by UFO researchers throughout the years.

What is an Alien?

Out of all the alien truths that exist, to date, the definition surrounding the term “Alien” is the most agreed upon. According to professional researchers, paranormal specialists and individuals that believe in extraterrestrial life, an alien is a being or a form of life that we assume lives outside of the confines of earth and its atmosphere.

In addition to this, the alien evidences that we have so far explain that these forms of life or beings also originate or are brought into existence somewhere other than the planet earth. As a result of this fact, many believe that there are several different races or species of aliens in existence. While these beings are considered to be similar to humans as far as certain characteristics are concerned, they are not considered to be human themselves.

Common Alien Races

According to those that study Unidentified Flying Objects, aliens and human encounters with extraterrestrial life, it is believed that there are at least two unique alien races. Many of these races have been depicted in a variety of movies, books and other forms of entertainment. The following highlights alien facts related to the most common types of alien races:

1) The Annunaki – Historical documentation indicates that these types of aliens first appeared in Sumeria approximately three thousand years ago. It has been established that this race arrived from another planet. Once they arrived on earth, they developed a keen interest in gold and were often worshipped by humans.

2) The Greys – This is the most common type of alien race according to witness accounts. While the beings exhibit a high level of intelligence, it is said that they display many humanoid characteristics. The skin of the being is said to be gray in color. It is believed that grays are the most inquisitive because they seem to be associated with many forms of experimentation on humans.

While these two types of aliens are considered to be the most popular according to researchers and individuals that have claimed that they have encountered them, it is important to understand that information that has been congregated throughout history indicates that there could be several hundred races. However, since we are unable to establish this as a fact, it is difficult to expound on other alien races.

Supplementary Alien Facts

In addition to the alien particulars presented, researchers have also established that aliens seem to have their own agenda, but it is unknown what that agenda is exactly. It is believed that they observe our planet and the people on it for a specific reason. Many believe that they provide us with the information that we need to advance as a society, while others believe that they are interested in our decline as a society.

If you are interested in ufology, it is important that you research various sources. You should keep an eye on declassification papers from government agencies and any information released from NASA and any other agency that has a vested interest in extraterrestrial life within the United States and around the world!

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  1. Let me tell you something, UFOS and Aliens are fake! Its all in your dreams people. Tell me one real case with real facts that happened!

    • Yep. In an entire universe full of infinite possibilities we are the only ones who exist! Makes sense. Open your mind a little for ***** sake.

  2. Well I think their are but to them we are the aliens..
    we all have our opinions but and we all have hope but the universe is not all only ours if you think about it.. if we were created who knows if other beings were too …
    cause we are the little things to something more bigger and more wonderful then us !
    get out of the box and explore
    stop thinking inside the box…
    don’t be afraid to go all out!
    bye people stay cheesy!

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