Are Alien Beings real

In a universe as big as ours, with millions of galaxies and the idea of a never-ending sky it seems unreasonable to think that the Earth is the only planet capable of sustaining life.There are an unlimited number of galaxies and solar systems which stretch across our great universe, and the idea that there is no other form of intelligent life in the entire universe seems small.

While a delicate balance of elements and climate are required to sustain life as we know it, who is to say there isn’t an entirely different form of life which we can’t even fathom surviving and thriving on a distant planet in a distant galaxy in our expansive universe.

Are Aliens Real

People have always been fascinated with the idea of aliens existing elsewhere in our universe. Part of the mystery and wonder about life in general is about where we came from. Did an all-knowing God create the first man and first woman and all of the creatures that roam the earth in between? Or was it something more mysterious than an omnipotent being? If it is, indeed, something far more mysterious than a single God, then it is safe to assume that we are not alone in this giant universe. There has to be life out there somewhere else, and it would be ignorant to think we are the only forms of life floating around in space.

While it makes sense to assume that we are not the only living creatures out there, trying to prove the existence of aliens has been far more difficult. If we ask ourselves, “are aliens real?”, and we assume the answer is yes, then why hasn’t there been any concrete proof which tells us somewhere in the Great Unknown is another form of life? Perhaps we have received proof, but it has been far too mysterious and most of us are far too cynical to believe that what we have seen is proof of alien existence. Even so, for people who aren’t skeptical about the existence of aliens, there seem to be concrete signs of other intelligent life out there. There have been some events throughout the course of history which point to the evidence of aliens.

There has been a lot of interest in the possibility of aliens since the beginning of human existence. Ancient Indian texts log sightings of flying objects called vimanas. Ancient theorists believe, based on the paintings and texts from the people of Ancient India, that perhaps they were visited by alien astronauts. There is also speculation about Stonehenge. The ancient structure is said to have been built around 3100 BC, and many of the large boulders used to build the structure weigh 35 tons. It is hard to fathom how people could have possibly moved such large boulders using only leather straps at the time, leading to a lot of speculation regarding alien interception.

There have also been a lot of UFO sightings throughout the world, many dating back hundreds of years. The most notable regular sightings of UFOs often come from the portion of the United States in Nevada known as Area 54. This area is classified government area, where it is speculated the government has UFOs and proof of alien existence.

The question of “Are aliens real?” is one which has been asked for thousands of years. People have been speculating on the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe since the beginning of time. While we don’t have any concrete evidence of such life, it seems silly to assume that in the expansive universe, there is no other planet or galaxy which holds some other form of life.

10 thoughts on “Are Alien Beings real

  1. They r soo not real I mean that’s silly… Does it say anything about aliens in the bible?… I doubt it and if aliens were real then they would be In earth and if there is another “planet”???? supposedly, then they r really far away from us so just leave them alone! They r not even real its just a thing to do if ur bored… Make up a new species.

  2. Well imagine this….the first people see the ocean for the first time, they wonder if it has life and so decide to fill a cup of water and observe the cup; from the cup of water they determine that life is not present because there is nothing in the cup, just water. The Universe is so big that all of our human exploration through telescope, probes, and space missions is equivalent to us exploring a cup of water from the ocean. I KNOW aliens are out there.

  3. If you do really believe that God Is God and is the creator of everything you have to believe in UFOs. God can create everything. To many of us believers put Him in a box and look at only what we can see to what God can create. I am sure as ungrateful as a species as we are He must more thank beings out there that worship Him without any restraint of His abilities. Who knows if we were not so stupid and destructive He could have given us the knowledge for intergalactic travel and more. but unfortunately we have limited ourselves. I personally can not believe with all that I have personally seen and know that we are the only things living and smart in all of space. The notion that we are just seems stupid. Besides if you read the Bible there are mentions of ufos. The star for instance the wise men followed, Moved before them…

  4. The writings in the bible may have been influenced by UFO’s and Alien abductions. From abduction stories you read about today, Aliens seem to have the ability to reach into our subconscious for manipulative goals. And people in general will interpret what they see to make sense of unknown phenomenon. High technology to a tech-less society could easily be interpreted as magic or supernatural, hence religious interpretation.

  5. you guys are full of baloney. the Egyptians laid long logs on the ground and put the large stones on it, that’s how they were able to move them.

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